Future-proof your forecasting

Now more than ever, maintaining a highly accurate and efficient parts inventory system is critical to business success, and customer satisfaction. Parex Forecasting connects Dealers with OEMs to fully automate the stock replenishment process. Parex Forecasting analyses sales history, order demand and other datapoints to recommend parts orders for Dealers. This enables Dealers to maintain optimal inventory levels, while reducing the risk of stock shortfalls. 

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Combining OEM data with up-to-date Dealer data, Parex Forecasting automates the inventory replenishment process in four steps.

Step One

Analyse Stock Status -Review demand trends to determine smooth or irregular demand patterns, assesses seasonailty from up to three years of history.

Step Two

Classify parts - Classify parts against quantity sold per month, then review parts classified by sales frequency and price.

Step Three

Identify parts to order - Identify optimal parts for ordering based on parameters such as stock on hand, stock demand, stock on order.

Step Four

Order parts - Once your data is analysed, recieve recommendations for the optimal stock to order. Parex Forecasting can then enable direct ordering and connection to your integrated Dealer Management System (DMS).

Parex Forecasting reduces the effort required by Dealers to accurately forecast, then order the parts they need; saving time, and reducing the risk of waiting for parts while customer’s cars are sitting in the service department.


Dealer Part Demand History

Collect dealer data and identify sales patterns to provide more accurate order forecasting.

Dealer Part Classifications

Analyse the details of each part so that they can be classified into groups determined by a given set of rules.

Dealer Stocking Parameters

A set of forecasting parameters that control the various factors that can be applied to an order.

Automatic Dealer Forecasting

Choose to manually forecast your inventory and orders, or set parameters for automatic ordering direct to OEMs.

Recommended Stock Returns

Analyse non or slow-moving stock to recommend stock returns.

Automatic Buyback Proposals

Reduce inventory waste with factory guaranteed buyback periods automatically triggered and sent to dealers.



Hold the perfect amount of stock

Plan ahead based on historical data, and accurate order recommendations. Reduce the risk of stock shortfalls to ensure your business can service your customers uninterrupted. 

Increase Productivity

Dealer mechanics can spend less time waiting for parts, and more time servicing customers. Reduce unsold labour time, and get customer’s vehicles back on the road faster. 

Cost efficiencies 

Reduce inventory waste and parts obsolescence through hyper-accurate ordering. And have the backing of a guaranteed buyback period for unsold parts. Make better use of your department’s cash flow. 



Enhanced visibility

Improved access to dealer sales and replenishment data enables efficient inventory management, production prioritising.

Deep Market view

OEMs can profile the stock holdings of specific dealers in particular market regions to better understand future market demand.

Tight control of stock flow

Easily manage the availability of new stock hitting shelves, and old stock diminishing in supply to ensure equitable access to parts, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. 


Integrated with 40+ Dealer Management Systems

Connect to the supply chain

All Parex solutions integrate with leading Dealer Management Systems from across the globe. So your business can connect across the entire automotive supply chain - from OEM, to dealer, to the end customer.



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