A parts catalogue like no other

Finding the right part quickly can be the difference between closing a sale, keeping a service customer happy - or missing out entirely. The Parex Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) enables easy search, and real-time visibility of thousands of genuine automotive parts.

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Parex EPC allows dealers to access highly detailed product informatioN in 4 easy steps.

Step One

An Original Equipment Manufacturer or distributor loads product technical information into the Parex EPC platform. For each and every part this information can include visual diagrams, size, weight and other specifications, plus unique product codes right down to local geographic level.  

Step Two

Dealers can search for parts they require based on a number of factors to find a specific part, with absolute confidence they’ve located the correct part. 

Step Three

Real-time stock information is available to assist dealers to find the right part. 

Step Four

If connected to an Integrated Dealer Management System (DMS) selected parts can be ordered directly, for a fast and easy experience.


Real-time stock

Connected to OEM and Dealer systems means parts availability and pricing is up-to-the-minute accurate. Giving you confidence that the part you’ve just found is available and the pricing is correct. 


Integrate our EPC e-commerce functionality with your own systems to place orders directly without the need to login to separate platforms.

Customisable User Interface

The EPC experience can be customised. 

Save searches and frequently used parts to navigate quickly through the catalogue and find what you need.

Enhanced Search

Locate parts and accessories using a range of powerful search tools.

Search for parts based on vehicle type, parts code, stock number, description, Vehicle Identification Numbers and many more.

Visual Diagrams

Need to inspect a part closely? Get to know your part in detail before ordering.

 Parex EPC Visual Diagrams allows you to dig deep into every part - from specifications to photographs diagrams, schematics and more.



Product information you can trust 

Consider Parex EPC as your single source of parts truth. OEMs can provide ultra accurate parts information. From product specifications, parts numbers down to local geographic level, and visual diagrams accurate to the millimetre.  

Find exactly what you need. 

Find the needle in a haystack with Parex EPC. Advanced search functionality helps you find your part easily, so you can place an order quickly and maintain happy customers. 

Find it, buy it. 

No more switching between tools or ordering platforms. When connected to an integrated Dealer Management System (DMS), Parex EPC enables you to search for and find the part you need, and then create a quote or buy it - all through a seamless experience. Real-time pricing ensures there’s no surprises at checkout. Quotes can also be retrieved and converted to orders, as well as tracking active orders and backorders.



Maintain accurate product listings. 

Provide and easily maintain accurate parts information. Local OEM teams can maintain their own product database to ensure information is accurate for each market, and easily maintained. 

Offer customers localised information. 

Reduce the risk of erroneous orders, and make searching for parts easier for your buyers with localised parts information for specific geographic regions. 

Transparency and confidence in your products.

OEMs can provide ultra accurate parts information. From product specifications, parts numbers down to local geographic level, and visual diagrams accurate to the millimetre. Give your customers confidence they’ve found the right part.   



Custom Web Services

Looking for a customised solution for your online parts business? Our development team can work with you to integrate Parex data streams into your application environment. We have experience in integrating third-party catalogue logins for OEMs, Dealer Management System parts searches, backorder reporting and much more.




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“Our dealer network sold so much of their obsolete parts that they are now using Parex to trade medium moving parts. Within the dealer network, Parex has quickly become the best way to serve each others' customers.”